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Selfie of me snuggling with a cat at QACAS My name is T. I've lived on Maryland's Eastern Shore since 2004 and have been involved with the local rescue/shelter network since 2009. I have spent years interacting with hundreds of cats, learning something new from each and every one! When you reach out to me for help, I approach your cat and your case as unique and create a custom behavior plan, based upon past experiences and education. The behavior modification plans I design are rooted in science-based techniques with the goal of increasing connection between you and your cat(s).

I began "A Cat's Purrspective" in 2022 with the goal of helping more cats be able to live happy, full lives in their homes. My husband and I share our home with our 5 cats (Cinnamon—seen in the logo in the upper left, Emily, Ethel, Inigo, and Yato); all of whom have medical and/or behavior issues. We also care for 1 former feral cat outside (Julian), who is learning how to be friendly.

What does being disabled have to do with your skills as a Cat Behavior Consultant?

A picture taken outside of me--a person with light olive skin, geometric silver glasses, very short mostly dark brown with some gray hair--wearing a grey shirt and a large brown and white tabby cat is on my lap. IAABC logo and disability pride flag stripe at the bottom

Being disabled has given me a unique way of interacting with cats that is instinctively "fear free". With a keen eye for subtle behavior cues, I encourage cats to cooperate with me. My way of interacting with cats lets them feel in control and relaxed around me. I would like to share what I've learned with you!

One example of how my disability affects my cat behavior work is described in the image on the left: I have a specific technique that was developed accidentally because of my disability. I do a "Two-Finger Sniff" instead of 1 finger because I can't easily bend my middle finger if my right finger is straight. I realized most cats seemed to respond better to two fingers being offered instead of one, so that's my normal method now.


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