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brown tabby looking up intently at a wand toy, whiskers pointed forwardI help owners work with their cats to resolve or change behaviors that are having a negative effect on the cat's or people's lives.

If your cat has a behavior that is negatively affecting their lives or the lives of others in the household—such as: litter box avoidance, aggression, hiding constantly, afraid of the carrier, etc.—I would like the chance to try to help you and your cat(s)! If your cat has not been examined by a veterinarian since the behavior issue began, please schedule an appointment to rule out medical causes.

What is cat behavior consulting?

My job has three primary components: WHAT, WHY, and HOW.

  1. Identifying and clarifying exactly WHAT the problem behavior is;
  2. Figuring out WHY the behavior is occurring; and finally
  3. Guiding you on ways (HOW) to change the behavior.

Figuring out WHY a behavior is happening is essential to figuring out HOW to change it. This can be challenging, especially with cats, who are so skilled at hiding when things are bothering them. cat resting comfortably in a carrier The HOW depends on the why; but my goals are to increase connection and trust between you and your cat(s) with methods based on "LIMA" (least intrusive, minimally aversive). This means I do not condone the use of punishments like spray bottles, etc. Instead, my methods focus on positive reinforcement, environmental enrichment, and problem-solving. Whenever possible, I strive to resolve the root cause of the behavior problem. For more information about animal behavior consulting as done by IAABC members, please click here.

I have experience with cats that have litter box "issues"; cats that are shy, un-socialized/under-socialized; cats that have outside or feral history; cats with medical conditions that can affect their behavior (note: for these cats, I will need to be in contact with your veterinarian); cats that are new to a situation or environment; and more!


two cats sitting together about 2' apart looking outside a large window Cat Behavior Consulting services offered in-person within 15 miles of Grasonville, MD or through video chat (Zoom, Facebook messenger video, FaceTime, etc.) for other locations. Telephone consultations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be billed the same as video chat consultations. I'm also available for "Pre-Cat Adoption Consulting" and can help you pick the right cat for your family!

After I receive your New Client Form, I will contact you to schedule an Initial Virtual Consult, during which I will "meet" you and your cats and we can discuss the challenges you are facing. At the end of this session, I will let you know how many sessions I anticipate for your cat(s)'s spectific behavior issues; we will then move on to in-person or virtual consult sessions. After each session (other than the Initial Virtual Consult), I will provide a custom "Cat Behavior Plan" PDF file with specific recommendations for you to try prior to the next scheduled session. Fees for sessions include after-session email support.

Schedule Limitation: Please be aware that I prefer to schedule consultations between 1:30-4:30PM in Eastern Standard Time.


Cat Behavior Consulting:

Pre-Cat Adoption Consulting:

Interested in adopting a cat, but want to make sure your new family member will mesh well with your current pets and family? This option is for you! Let me help you pick the right fit for your family! This fee also includes Cat Adoption Plan and after-session email support for 2 weeks.



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