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BROOKE F., Client

"T really helped me understand my cat more and interact with him in a way he enjoys. He's napped on my lap more in the past week than in the past three years combined. đź’› Time and money well spent learning how to speak cat instead of dog!"

ALEX B., Client

"I had such a great experience with T! I had a new cat introduction go wrong and was getting worried it might lead to an adoption fail with so much aggression between them still after 3 months of trying. It only took about a month of following the new plan they gave me to get my kitties hanging out together for the first time. T really helped me understand that the methods I read about online aren’t one size fits all, and I understand my cat’s concerns so much better now. I absolutely recommend working with them if you are worried your situation is a lost cause like I was a few months ago!!"

JACKIE K., Client

"T was incredibly compassionate and really helped us prepared for the loss of our pet. I will always be thankful that they walked us through what to expect and delivered hard truths with a lot of kindness. I would definitely recommend T if you’re going through one of the most difficult things in life."

MARGARET G., ClientThree cats near each other

"I cannot appropriately describe the extent to which T and A Cat's Purrspective, LLC have helped us and our cats (pictured here, all calm and happily in a shared space after working with T). T was thoughtful and patient in a situation where a great deal of patience was needed. They helped us develop strategies to manage a complex cat introduction/reintroduction in a way that supported three cats with very different personalities and needs. Along the way we learned a great deal about how to care for our cats, and we believe that our cats are living happier lives as a result of the strategies that T helped us implement. If you are concerned about introducing or reintroducing cats or supporting a cat who is scared of something in their environment, I strongly recommend working with T."

HEATHER R., ClientBrown and white tabby cat on lap

"I took in a foster kitty who came from a bad hoarding situation. He was not socialized to be around humans, and was absolutely terrified. He spent the first month hiding under a couch in a spare room by himself. Consulting with T gave me environmental and diet ideas to try. I employed a few right after our first consultation, and I could see on my pet cam that he was already happier. Within another few weeks, he was coming out to eat while I was in the room. T's help and expertise was invaluable.. Jacen learned to trust me because of their suggestions. Now he a complete cuddler, and loves living his best cat life."

ANGIE N., Client

"From one professional to another, T is a colleague I am grateful to have on my personal journey. Even with my experience in cat behavior and training, I was hitting a wall. I knew I had reached my limitations in this area and needed guidance. T gave me direction that I desperately needed, clarity in helping me understand the medical aspects of my cats and their behavior. T validated my suspicions and urged me to pursue further diagnostics with my veterinarian. With T’s support, I will be moving forward with confidence and T will be a part of this as I continue on."

ELIZABETH D.M., ClientTwo black and white kitties in a window perch

"We adopted a bonded pair of kittens and ran into trouble introducing them to our older established cat. T helped us come up with ways to diffuse the tension and help the cats learn how to trust each other, and along the way solved problems I didn't even know could be solved, by showing us how to create the right kinds of enriching environments so that the cats no longer felt the need to cause havoc by climbing the bookshelves and doing other destructive things.

"Cannot recommend this service highly enough. I am currently sitting in my living room surrounded by three purring cats, something I thought would not have been possible just a few months ago."

JEN H., Client

"I can't thank T @ A Cat's Purrspective enough for the sound advice and sharing of her vast expertise. A multi cat family (3), behavioural and health challenges, I think we had it all here! She provided a custom approach to our kitties, recommended a variety of troubleshooting options and was a delight to work with. T really understands the mind of a feline and our home is much calmer as a result. Thank you T!"

VAL S., Client
Cute black and white kitty rolling over to show his belly

"Couldn't recommend A Cat's Perspective more! T was very thorough with questions to understand our situation, made thoughtful recommendations and helped my cat significantly! We are hoping that our behavior problems are long gone. I also appreciate the detailed behavior plan that T put together so I can reference back to it if we ever see a regression. Highly recommend for any behavior issues!!!"

ASTA O., Client
Fluffy black cat with paws extended looking relaxed

"I cannot say enough good things about A Cat's Purrspective. I foster cats with behavior problems regularly, and I took on a cat that proved to be unusually challenging. I needed the help of a professional and made a virtual appointment with T.

"After each virtual meeting I have a personalized cat behavior plan to help me work with my nervous boy until our next meeting. My high-strung foster cat has gained confidence, become more relaxed and I am learning how to become a better cat owner and foster parent.

"T is knowledgeable and professional. They are a pleasure to work with, excel in creative thinking and coming up with multifaceted behavior plans for complex behaviors. If you are having any doubts about whether a cat behaviorist is worth your money, believe me, T's expertise is worth every penny."

SILVIA I., Client
a collage of 3 pictures, the first shows Murry and Abbie sitting on window perches within 2' of each other, the bottom left picture shows Murry and Abbie sharing a cubby bed, the bottom right picture shows Murry sleeping on top of the sofa with June sleeping on the cushions below.

"We couldn't thank you enough for taking our complicated case from Bulgaria and helping us so much! The improvement we see in our 5 cats in beyond amazing! Thank you for the kindness, dedication and professionalism!"

ANJUTA A., Client

"Big 'Thank you' from Bulgaria. 10,000 miles are not obstacle to help us and our five cats. We are so glad, that we found you. Such a big heart, professional and understanding person. Thank you again T!"

CARA N., Client
collage of 3 pictures. The top picture is a black cat whose fur is poofed from fear. The bottom left picture is the same cat being held snuggled by her smiling owner. The bottom right picture is the same cat rubbing against a cream-colored dog who looks somewhat bemused at the feline attention.

"I love working with A Cat's Purrspective! T has been incredibly insightful and supportive. They have helped with a range of issues, including introductions, shy/fearful cats, feline diabetes, and changes in behavior. They always have great advice and are non-judgmental. And T is available for video calls! I highly recommend!"

JILL R., Client
Black cat resting on sofa

"I've had my rescue cat for about 6 months. About a month after I got him, he began to exhibit some aggressive behaviors toward me. T was extremely helpful in mediating this behavior. While I still have to be watchful and pay attention to his body language, the behavior has gotten much better. I'm very grateful to T and highly recommend them."

ROBERT B., Client
Black cat resting on sofa

"T is very professional in their assessments and consultations. Their advice really helped me get a good understanding of my cats personality and demeanor and helped guide me to the right resources to finally get my cat the treatment he needed. I absolutely recommend T for all your feline needs!!"

PAT G., Client

"T is the best. She helped me so much with my cat. He has let me pick him up for the first time ever. She has so many great ideas, very easy to talk to. Many more attributes about T. Please use her if you have any questions or concerns or issues with your cats. She is the best."

R. K., Client & QACAS adopter

"Thank you so much for helping our cats get adjusted to their new surroundings. They were not comfortable with us until you arrived and taught us how to interact with them appropriately. They are now comfortable and seem to enjoy our company now that you've have given us some strategies!"

Two cats resting comfortably next to one another

"A few months ago, my ordinarily sweet senior cat suddenly started acting aggressively towards my younger cat. Through text and video, as we don't live in the same city, T was able to determine likely causes and solutions. When I brought her to the vet's, I had a series of probable diagnoses to explore and tests to ask for, including some that the vet hadn't even thought of! T talked me through the whole process until we were able to treat, stabilize, and gradually reintroduce my cats. Thanks to per, there is feline harmony in my household again!"

LAURA CASSIDAY, CCBC, ABCCT, FFCP; Pawsitive Vibes Cat Behavior & Training

"I've been working with cats professionally for the last 5 years, and I still occasionally come to T for advice or a second opinion. They are especially helpful for problems that have both a medical and behavioral component. Their ability to read body language and recognize signs of pain and discomfort is second nature! I would recommend T to anyone looking for an 'outside of the box' perspective on their cat's behavior."

JESSICA TARR, Senior Animal Care Techician at QACAS

"T is amazing with the cats here at Queen Anne's County Animal Services. Many of the cats in our barn cat program have been adopted because of T's dedication to the cats and their behavior. Since T has started volunteering with us I have noticed a positive change with almost all of the cats that T has worked with. We speak regularly about the cats and ideas that T has to help them. T is very knowledgeable about cat behavior and works so hard to make the cats lives better."


"I have known and worked with T since 2013 through a rescue organization. During this time I have seen first hand how T is able to work with cats with a variety of behavioral issues. Her patience and understanding of how to read a cat's behavior is incredible. T knows that it will take time for a cat who is unfamiliar with her to trust her so she always goes slow and does not push a cat to do something it is not ready to do.

"T has an excellent feline medical background that she uses when assessing a cat's behavior. She is able to evaluate how the cat is acting and narrow their actions down to a few possible reasons as to why they are exhibiting that behavior. T has numerous actions and maneuvers that she can use to make a cat feel comfortable in her presence and learn to trust her.

"I have seen how T is able to assess a cat from a distance and determine what triggers them. Through her own diligent research, she has learned many different techniques to address what is causing the behavior issue and reverse it. With her medical background, she can determine if the behavior could possibly be health related and refer to the appropriate veterinarian. If the cat does not have an underlying health condition and it is completely behavioral, I have complete confidence that she will be able to offer suggestions that will work for each individual cat. If over time other interventions are necessary, T can be trusted to offer other suggestions until she finds ones that work. T will never give up.

"As a vet tech myself, I would recommend T to anyone who is having behavior problems with their cat(s). She is the most knowledgeable person I know in this field and I firmly believe that she will be able to help with any behavior issue presented to her."

KATRINA JACOBS, Cat/Kitten Foster

"I foster a lot of cats and kittens who are semi-feral or have behavioral and/or medical issues. T is one of my go-to people for advice and resources with my foster cats. T has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and always seems to know the answers to my questions, or know where to look for those answers. And, maybe most importantly, per is always learning and keeping up-to-date on new information."

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