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WHO: Your cat
  • Doesn't use the litter box,
  • Hides all the time,
  • Attacks you, other pets, or other family members,
  • Just diagnosed with a new medical condition and fighting the new routines,
  • Just adopted and needs help settling in,
  • Will NOT let you load them into a carrier,
WHY: That's my job to figure out!

HOW I help: With behavior modification methods that faciliate trust and connection between you and your cat, I help you work with your cat to resolve or change behaviors that are having a negative effect on your cat's or family's lives.

WHEN: After you fill out a new client form, I will contact you ASAP by email to schedule an Initial Virtual Consult.

Selfie with my cat George

My name is T Hamboyan Harrison. I am a certified cat behavior consultant: ASCB-C (Associate Certified Shelter Behavior - Cat) and SBA (Shelter Behavior Affiliate) from IAABC, a Fear Free Certified Professional (FFCP), a Fear Free Shelters Graduate, and a Feline Training Professional member of The Pet Professional Guild. I've been helping cats for over 10 years: as a cat socializer for local rescues/shelters since 2009 and as a Case Manager for Diabetic Cats in Need since 2020. In particular, I enjoy: helping fearful cats learn to trust people, helping owners identify possible medical concerns with their cats to bring these concerns to their veterinarian, and helping owners and cats adjust to new medical challenges.

I am also available for consultations with shelters/rescues who would like environmental enrichment recommendations, behavior assessments and creation of behavior modification plans. Please contact me for more information.

As a disabled person, helping cats with chronic medical issues is deeply meaningful to me. Being disabled has given me a unique perspective on interacting with cats, as I've learned to interact with them on their terms, not mine. My methods are focused on building trust and connection between people and their cats through the use of "least intrusive, minimally aversive" (LIMA) techniques.

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