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Revolution Trick:

Trick for administering Revolution (or other topical flea treatments) on cats that are scared OR if you have trouble squeezing the Revolution tube

One of my most significant functional limitations is my hand use. Gripping and squeezing, like what's required to put Revolution on a cat, is difficult for me to do; and it takes so long even cooperative cats lose patience and start moving before I can finish squeezing the tube.

My trick? I empty the Revolution into a stainless steel shot glass and then draw it into a 1mL syringe. I prefer using syringes with needles for this, to be sure I get every drop of the Revolution; but you can also use an oral syringe.


Once the Revolution is drawn up into the syringe, I remove the needle; then applying the Revolution to the back of the cat's neck is a much faster, easier process!

Disclaimer: Revolution is a prescription-only product and should only be used under veterinarian supervision. Please check with your veterinarian prior to administering any topical flea product!

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