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an orange tabby shelter cat mid-meow, enjoying some out-of-cage enrichment, while he wraps his tail around my pant leg, which is covered in his orange fur.

As an Associate Certified Shelter Behavior - Cat (ACSB-C) and Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC) through IAABC, in addition to credentials as a Fear Free Animal Trainer (FFCP) and Fear Free Shelters graduate, I am uniquely qualified to assist shelter or rescue staff improve the lives of the cats in their care. I have experience with both individual, cage-style housing settings, group room environments, and foster-based set-ups. You can see videos of my methods in this facebook album.

Specific Services:

3 cats using a food puzzle

  • Environmental Enrichment: If you're looking to improve the housing for your cat spaces, I can help! Whether your facility uses cages, group rooms, or a combination of the two, I can recommend changes to improve the qualify of life for your facility's cats, with a respect for your specific facility's resources and situation.

  • Behavior Modification Plans: If you have a cat with complicated behavior issues and you'd like help resolving or changing this behavior to make the cat more adoptable or prevent BE, I can help you and your staff come up with a behavior modification plan that works for your specific cat, your specific situation, and with respect for your facility's resources.

  • Socialization Assessment: Acknowledging the limitations of attempting to accurately assess cat socialization level in a shelter or rescue facility, I can offer my perspective of where I believe this cat falls in the feral-friendly socialization spectrum, and what placement options I would recommend for this specific cat.


My fees for individuals are $60/hour, plus minimum $15 travel fee for in-person sessions. Please contact me to discuss discounts available for shelters/rescues.


Brown tabby cat giving me a head-butt
JESSICA TARR, Senior Animal Care Techician at QACAS

"T is amazing with the cats here at Queen Anne's County Animal Services. Many of the cats in our barn cat program have been adopted because of T's dedication to the cats and their behavior. Since T has started volunteering with us I have noticed a positive change with almost all of the cats that T has worked with. We speak regularly about the cats and ideas that T has to help them. T is very knowledgeable about cat behavior and works so hard to make the cats lives better."

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